In the Daydreamers Photography Online class students will learn the basics of composition and framing, be exposed to different styles of photography, and take hundreds of focused photos! You will receive one-on-one mentorship and guidance with a real photographer through weekly 45-minute zoom meeting calls. Using these new techniques and styles, you will create multiple photo essays that highlight all you have learned!  


Students have the option of choosing to meet once or twice a week, whatever fits their schedule. Classes are always open for registration, and you choose when you begin! You will need to set-up a time on our calendar that will work for you weekly. Sign up here to reserve your 45-min periods: Make sure to reserve the same class times over 4/8 weeks, so your time slots are secured throughout your whole session! You should have reserved a total of 8 time slots! Please try to choose times in the week that you can commit to. If you need to change the weekly meeting times during the course, let us know!

Online Photography Class