Become a filmmaking superstar! Create your own unique film for YouTube and boost your movie producing skills. Brainstorm, write, shoot, direct, and act in a film that is truly of your making with the guidance of industry professionals every step of the way. Live Zoom sessions provide tailored instruction for participant’s age and skill set. The YouTube Production Academy Online is not a “how-to” course, it’s a “do” experience!

Perfect for ages 8-17.  No prerequisites are necessary. We encourage all levels of filmmakers and storytellers to join us! Smartphone or tablet, and ability to use Zoom meetings required.

1 hour ZOOM CLASS,
2 times a week for 4 weeks
(Click on REGISTER to see dates and times)
Courses are taught as group classes. One-on-one instruction is available with custom schedule.
Tablet or Smart Phone, Ability to use Zoom Meetings
Class 1:
Students develop a character that will drive the narrative of their film. They decide which internal traits (personality) and external traits (accent, body language, costumes, props) they will bring to this character.
Class 2:
We work with students on their stories and how to incorporate their characters, locations, and cast into their productions.
Class 3:
Students learn the principles of cinematography and how to use their equipment to tell their stories. Students will create shot lists that will be reviewed by their instructors.
Class 4:
Students will begin shooting their film and turning in shot lists. Uploaded footage will be reviewed and critiqued by the instructor. 
Class 5:
Students will continue shooting their films based on instructors' notes and revised shot lists. Uploaded footage will be reviewed and critiqued by the instructor.
Class 6:
Production continues as the student works off the instructors' notes for any reshoots and final shots.
Class 7:
Production winds down on this last day of shooting. Any remaining shots, dialogue or sound is captured based on the notes provided by the instructor.
Class 8:
Students create a thumbnail for their film, which will then get posted onto our YouTube channel!

Students and the instructor watch the newly created film together!
(For One-On-One Classes only)
Students have the option of choosing to meet once or twice a week, whatever fits their schedule. The course consists of 8 classes. Classes are always open for registration, and you choose when you begin! 
Once a student signs up, we will create a private Dropbox folder for them, which we will send you on the first day of class. The Dropbox folder is where all the course lessons are, which include videos, worksheets, and instructions!

This is also where the student will be turning in their worksheets, shot-lists, and footage. 
(For One-On-One Classes only)
We will be conducting one-on-one video call meetings for forty-five minutes with every student. Once you register, you will then be able to set up meeting times on our calendar. 
The video calls will be conducted through the Zoom app, which is free and easy to use. Zoom's website has tutorials on how to use their app. Sign up for Zoom here: