Grades K-8


Our FILM EDITING workshop is an introductory course that allows students to explore the importance of narrative structure and how it's achieved through digital editing. Lessons include continuity, rhythm, various aesthetics of editing style and the craft of hands-on-editing work using professional editing software. Students will also work with sound design, title sequences and special effects. Programs utilized include Final Cut Pro X and Motion.


If you have already registered via your child's charter school, please submit your PO to Each student must have a release waiver submitted via this website to reserve a spot in the class. The waiver appears as a blue pop-up window when you navigate into our store. The waiver window will not appear when using a mobile device, so we highly recommend using a desktop or laptop. 

If your funds have run out and you are waiting for new funds to drop, do not worry! Submit the waiver and send us an email ( with the TRACK/CLASS you intend  to take and finalize your purchase when the funds are available. 

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