What Value Can The Daydreamer’s bring you?


You will be in charge of managing and executing a film with 7-11 year olds as a your cast and crew. If you can make a great film with these young artists, you can definitely make a great film with your own crew outside of the work you do with us!


You will be constantly flexing your creative muscle, through writing shot lists, directing and shooting scenes, and working with child actors. Our classes are only an hour, so it forces you to become a more efficient filmmaker, which can be applied to your own projects and work. You will be involved in multiple films and learn what it takes to turn a product around quickly.


You will also join a team of working filmmakers and artists; once you join our team, our assets become your assets, and vice versa. We welcome you to bring your outside projects and knowledge to the table to better enhance your own career and the company’s well-being as well.

What is Expected

As an instructor

You will lead groups of 4-9 students aged 6-11 through our filmmaking classes. This means keeping students engaged the whole hour, keeping them in order, and keeping them excited. Instructors will lead students through the curriculum, first showing them the basics of cinematography, storytelling, and character development. Then you will assist students with the conception, shooting, directing, and acting of the class’s short film. You will need to coordinate footage and short film notes (shot lists, story maps, treatments) with the manager. By the end of the course, you will have led students in the creation of their film, which is screened on the last day of class. As a representative of The Daydreamers Academy, instructors are expected to develop friendly relationships with students, parents, and administration, in order to make sure we maintain good-standing with campuses and families.



Must own equipment

(camera, mic, tripod, etc.)

BA in Film

To have obtained a Bachelor's in Film from any accredited school.


Must have experience with kids, writing shot list/treatments, shooting/directing/editing, and with writing scripts/stories.