Developed by Writer and Executive Producer Ryan Oxford, the creator of DISNEY'S TANGLED: THE SERIES, THE DAYDREAMER'S ACADEMY is an innovative arts enrichment Academy designed to merge the latest technology with artistic enrichment. The curriculum advances COMMON CORE and STEAM-teaching principals. Classes are taught as both an introduction to the mediums as well as more complex applications. 

The Daydreamer's Academy workshops have been developed alongside educators with the purpose of providing a well-rounded introduction that aligns with the five strands of arts education standards set forth by the California Department of Education, including artistic perception, creative expression, historical and cultural context, aesthetic valuing, and connections, relationships and applications.

The benefits of music and art education are well documented and research shows improvements in critical-thinking, problem solving, and time management skills that improve academic performance across-the-board. Music and art programs also build self-esteem, encourage collaboration and risk-taking, and cultivate emotional and creative expression. National Education Standards, the California Department of Education Standards, and the new Common Core Curriculum clearly agree and have long-supported instruction of dance, music theater and visual arts in public schools.  


Ryan is a highly creative individual who has spent over twenty-five years inside the Hollywood ecosystem. He has developed, written, directed and produced multiple television and film projects for Universal Pictures, New Line Cinema, Warner Bros., MTV, Disney and others. He graduated from the prestigious WGA Showrunner Training Program and created the Disney Television series, TANGLED: THE SERIES in which he served as Executive Producer and Showrunner.  He is the Co-Creator, Showrunner, and Writer on the ten episode scripted comedy “IT’S THE DOWNTOWN VEGAS REALITY SHOW” which is currently in production.  He has spent the last decade trying to impress his ten year old daughter.


Ben has been producing, writing, shooting, and editing content for almost a decade. Upon graduating from CSLUB’s Documentary Film Program, Ben had already produced over twenty music videos for artists of all musical genres. During his time at CSULB, Ben was the head editor on the film “The Swordsman”, a film that went on to be an Official Selection of the 2017 Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, and was also granted an Award of Recognition from the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards. In the summer of 2017, he was selected to be a NeXt Doc Fellow. Alongside his filmmaking, Ben has published both photography and short fiction in such magazines as “RipRap”, “Caustic Frolic”, and ”SAGA”. Ben has been the Creative Content Director for The Daydreamers Academy since 2018. In that time he has helped students write, shoot and edit over forty live action and animated short films. In fact, while you were reading this, he just finished another film.

photo taken by alumni

Ethan Obermiller, 6 years old - class of 2019

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